Recall - Nicely lyrics

I think I've lost you,
I think your already gone, yeah
Yes? I guess? I mean yes
And you couldn't have left at a worst time
My life is over
All have is rhyme
But those aren't best-set
Can't depend on them like I do you
The Association turning to the sky for forgivness,
While Hexxon smiles, says..."Of What men are these?"
While you cry and tell me you could die,

Pre-chorus: It's gonna go slow, but not to...
It's gonna slow, but not to...

Chorus: It's goin slow...and not to nicely,
It's goin slow...and not to Nicely
And yeah it's goin slow and not to Nicely,...... now

The working collecting unwanted souls for you
The wrath is coming, killing you
The hope is withering, killing me too
Inferno stalking, wanting you
The fear is burning I guess it's better now,



The trust now growing,
Bringing life,
Curtains open, it's my last night
Gotcha scared just like they wanted to,
Seduction (seeping through)
The cross kills the pain, but brings it to
Devils stalking, walls crawling
You never loved yourself but now you love him too