Rebel Diaz - Hijo Del Barrio lyrics

let me show you what i mean by police brutality right here in new york city...

Era un joven latino como cualquier otro niño
deportista, un atleta, el mejor de su equipo.
El sueño americano,un oficial de la ley
he was a model citizen in the NYPD
but something ain't right about the way he was killed
Pienso como lo mataron
it gives me chills
after a late night out my man gets something to eat
he ain't a hoodie from the hood, so he gets in the beat (?)
a little liquor worth his change
and then the dude got beat
these types of things happen every day in the strets
only difference is he's an officer and he had a gun
but then another cop came and he saw the action
he saw a bloody latino holding a gloc to the head
the police code was followed and he shot him dead
our people ain't them
we should never join their team
we need to try to join the struggle,
and organize the streets

Hijo, hijo del barrio...
Fue el racismo policial el que te mato...

if the world wasn't white, he mighta been here tonight
at this jam with his fam, everything feeling right.
he was an all-around star, and a football star (?),
the type to talk to the kids by the old school yard
but at the end of the day he still got sprayed
by the boys in blue on whose team he played
and now who's to blame, for the some of the camera's frames
all the cops opened fire
the things never the same
no pension, no (?) park
no hopes of retiring, semi-rich
compared to how it was
in the end
there's no we the people
cuz it's us and them
we still niggers and spics
and cops grow to be sick, and quick trigger think if you flinch just an inch
it don't matter if you want to join the police
we internalize the master and become our worst beast

Hijo, hijo del barrio...
Fue el racismo policial el que te mato...

back in the day the police were mostly from ??
you know some white boys was coming when you heard the siren
nowadays i'm seeing cops even rocking cornrows
hip hop's being abused for an army promo
they got us in the marines, we start to look like cops
they teach our people how to kill in the name of the law
latino cops, black cops, they still shoot you the worst (?)
it's Guiliani time every single day in New York
they're trying to turn our children into army servicemen
they're trying to lock us up and kill us
they got cops in schools
the next thing our own neighbors is the boys in blue
but at the end of the day
the stories remain the same
the police is killing kids
and others are getting blamed
you joined the other side, but you was always one of us
what you think that cop thought when he saw your gun?

Malcolm X
the only way you get justice is in the streets.
the only way you get justice is in the sidewalks.
the only way you get justice is when you take justice for yourselves.
you're never going to get justice in the white man's court.