Real Mckenzies - My Mangy Hound lyrics

Somebody's lunch was scattered round the playground
A mangy hound Was draggin' it around
We laughed, we laughed
Cause some poor sucker
Had lost the lunch
He was given by his mother
My soul will burn eternally
For in that lunch was stuff
Mum made for me, for me

The custodian was called to the scene
She looked at me and read me
Like a magazine
She laughed, she laughed
Until she discovered
The nice lunch I was given by my mother
Was torn and shredded hopelessly
And the dog had ate my lunch Mum made for me, for me

I was the kid
With the spotty brown banana
I had a lunch
With a liverwurst sandwich
But now they're gone
Scattered all around the playground
By a dirty old mangy hound

Much later, safe in my room
I heard an animal
Howling at the moon
I laughed, I laughed
Until I discovered
The dog that ate my lunch Was howling for my supper
My soul was filled with sympathy
From that night on that dog has lived with me

And I got something better
My best friend now
Is that mangy hound