Razorback - Voodoo Who Do? lyrics

There's something amiss in the world.
Haven't you guessed? Shapeshifter.
And while you hold on to your wars so dear,
We're growing fat on your fear.
You and your Voodoo Hoodoo,
Talkin' your Voodoo Hoodoo.

Soon they'll be out to hunt you.
You mensch have fallen out of grace.
Don't you know that they're out to get you?
You and your Voodoo Hoodoo.

I look inside you and I know you're untrue.
I've come to punish you for your taboo.
I'll take any form and any gender,
I am the seer of all, the great pretender.
I am Shapeshifter, I am Shapeshifter.

Talk-talkin' Voodoo Hoodoo
Your runestones and your Voodoo Hoodoo

With a bit of love we die a little bit.
Mensch fools will never come to this.
Today you come to our school of hate.
Tomorrow our time to educate.

We'll take any form and any gender,
We are the seers of all, the great pretenders.
We are shape-shifters.
We are shape-shifters.