Ray William Johnson - 8-Bit World lyrics

Man I feel like, we live in a life of Nintendo,
Cause reality's such a hassle,
Sometimes I even find my princess in another castle
I should ask Dr. Mario for medicine,
Maybe hit up little Neno for a sedative,
And slip into a "Final Fantasy" until the sequels get repetitive.

You know I'll never let this, stack up against me ,tetris,
Some call me pac-man macamacamaca 'cause i eat these spirits for breakfast,
And if my game 'ain't starting, baby feel free to blow on my cartridge,
And alchohol makes everything so pixelated when you party in a;

8-bit 8-bit 8-bit world (x4)

8 bit world (you know we livin' in a)
8 bit world (we're side scrolling in this)
8 bit world (collecting coins in a)
8 bit world (we're next level)

Nowadays my lifes so complicated,
My tv's 3D not pixelated music's 4, 3 and 5, 6, 7, 8 bit,
Plug me in you ain't even got to say shit,
Hitting on my neighbours in mercedes ok they annoyed
Ask me why i do it cause im all about the paperboy,
Let me know that i am just the ellest (?) villain they employed
Let me slow it down (slow it down) with the illest noise
Damn girl you kinda made my screen froze take you to the d-pad show you whos the hero,
Give you all the recap got a metal gear flow,
Cause im solid my whole teams brolic,
Come to LA man now i got to dodge her,
You aint gonna make it in these streets like frogger,
Im on youtube, like a blogger,
You heard me groupies wanna blow kirby


I drink until i feel like Tyson punched me out, and until these girls get sick of us,
Ill collect hearts like kid icarus,
Hey princess did i tell ya,
Im gonna be the next legend of zelda
Im gonna be the one making noise a real megaman amongst paperboys,
I take these ploys lay them out,
Tell em see ya later haters gettin in my face so imma callin space invaders
Once i get her im a taker, y'all say that this is luck son but they wont ever shoot me down (down) duck hunt,


8 bit world (x 2)