Ray Koefoed - You Got 30 lyrics

(this was my first time finishing a song with vocals. I made it as a joke for some of the people I worked with)

They told me I got 30 minutes
And I might get more
I set my stopwatch
Now I'm waiting
Impatient I pace the floor
And I keep peeking out my window
To see if they're at my door
I guess that this is what I get
For avoiding the grocery store

What's your specials
Why's it so much
What's a dude got to do
To get some lunch
Tell your people
To pick up the pace
Because I can hardly wait
To get that grease into
My face

They say I got 30 minutes
As if waiting's a reward
But I hate waiting
It's frustrating
Feeling hungry and bored
I check my stopwatch
And it's telling me
It's already been 33
I call the store demanding
They give me something free
And they say
Safety is priority
30 minutes is no guarantee
But I know that they're
Lying to me
I seen it on the TV