Raven Woods - The Darkest Will Rise lyrics

The Darkest Will Rise
Time flies by leaving every thing behind
My heart stays burried in winter snow as the seasons pass
Closed doors will be opened and visions seen
As the sunsets I weave webs of pain

For as long as cursed blood runs through my veins
I'm slave to my blind fate as I am to you...

To feel the pains inside
To be burned alive
To remember lost memories in scattered ashes
To shed a few tears under the stars
And open my wings like a ravens flight

The sun begins to shine and I see the wrethced lives
I know that life is just a terrible deseption
The dagger in my heart

May the pains shine no more
And be lost in the night
May the sun never rise again
And the lives open their eyes in the dark to peace
May no nightmares assail them in their sleep
Having them wake in fear
And the darkest will rise...

The pains shine no more, night time be their graves
The sun never rise again, lives open their eyes
No place for nightmares in sleep or wakings of sweat and pain
In the second world darkness will be our eyes

Eons of lies bring forth heavens to me
*But as soon as I come close to them
They begin to fade away
As I live out the happiness you offer me
I realize it just's a sad dissapointment

Hear the haunting screams of damned souls
As the darkness calls...

How could you dare to disturb this calm and silence
To bring all your misery and sadness?