Rapsody - Special Way (She Got Game Mixtape) (2013)

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Rapsody - Special Way (She Got Game Mixtape) lyrics

Love ya like a fat kid of love cake
Love the way you listen to me
‘fore you eat you say grace
Mama called me today, told me she'd die for me,
Still got love for you niggas that wouldn't cry for me
My story start on the 21st of the winter
And it's cold, I been bearing my soul just like a pin up
In the summer when it's hot we be rolling wit out the tint up
And I miss the good days ole days when good music came thru antennas
When it's ten up in the morning we wake up like “how we end up?”
But I'm glad we did handling biz,,baby you in it
That's that real love it ain't been different since the beginning
Yeah we covered all bases and still we going for innings
No need to make it complex baby, that’s what its meant for
That's word to my center, I shelter u like we indoor
Because I care about you
And anybody that’d want to hurt it I’d paralyze you

Verse II

You like that feeling of father's first son born
Unconditional I fell the speed of asteroid
In love I send kisses and hugs to old misters
With all my goodbyes, finally completed my picture
The colors so descriptive
My heart resembled Christmas night
Gotta glow the window to my soul shows Christmas lights
Woke up to greatest gift, God read my list last night
I had a dream and what I seen was simpler than black and white
That ain't so simple in this life
They hate to take advice
You don't love when u see it so, look I have lapped you twice
Fruits of our labor are dying we need love in life
Call up your station we need train all our people right
Cuz in the station they evaporating rapidly
Word to Oscar give um oscars for his great mastery
Depicting a story we know too well I love you niggas
In the most special way and know that we always wit cha,