Rapsody - Feel Like (Love Love) (feat. Common) (She Got Game Mixtape) (2013)

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Rapsody - Feel Like (Love Love) (feat. Common) (She Got Game Mixtape) lyrics

[Hook: Rapsody]
And it feel like love love

[Verse 1: Rapsody]
Baddest black brother that I ever seen
Saw you last night, had another dream
We were chilling in the city having hella drinks
Took a cab to your pad singing Billie Jean
It was like my favorite movie's favorite love scene
You know, Sidney and Dre Brown Sugar thing
Love and Basketball too when Maxwell sing
It was just me and you like Lisa Ling
On our OWN
Love Jones, Lisa and Akeem
We was playing all of 'em, James Earl and Miss Claudine
Every black love movie that you ever seen
Lyric and Jason, watching the moon, I dream
About you often, if you only knew the things I think
About your eyes and your smile, the way you wear your jeans
Slightly baggy got me thirsty like the rapper Jean
For your love, love, but too bad it's just another dream
That I often have but that I’ve yet to share with you
Working up the nerve to tell you that one day I really do
Got a love jones for your body baby
Skin tones, everything about you drive me crazy

And it feel like love love

[Verse 2: Rapsody]
Take it back like Boomerang for a day or two
Catching feelings and I ain't even laid with you
If I could go back I would go and save it all for you
Like the best man thought his best friend in the movie do
I'm in the mood to groove, see us dancing to Badu
ADD wit AD, I can't concentrate with you
On my mind all the time, I'm almost out of it
Is this what crazy in love is like?
Then I'm the craziest
Visions of you every night, I lay to go to sleep
Another love film playing, wonder what it is this week
Purple rain, Apollonia, The Kid
Another a day I can’t tell you I got some love to give
Brown Sugar thang like cabby and Latifah
Got me playing shy when I wanna take it deeper, I
Got a love jones for your body baby
Skin tones, everything about you drive me crazy

And it feel like love love

[Verse 3: Common]
That’s what it feel like in the still night
Yeah I shine like the sun but you the real light
Moonwalkin’ in love, we stay in tune often
And even when we out of, girl I never doubt love
Can conquer all things
That’s why I read the books that say don’t sweat the small things
To be so in love yo is how it all seems
It’s summertime, let’s make some offspring
Caught in the act of, it’s hard to fall back love
I wish we all could experience black love
Packed in the back of the Range
They used to call me Dr. Love and yo it was strange
Now I see that love yo is more than a game
It take pleasure and pain for us to get a rain
But when the stare feel good like rocking the mic
You can be my Queen Latifah, I can be your Scott McKnight
It’s right