Rapsody - Dark Knights (feat. Wale) (2013)

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Rapsody - Dark Knights (feat. Wale) lyrics

[Verse 1: Rapsody]
Dark nights been cold like night veins
Serve niggas chills, I'm ill like Mike Caine
Express and I stress the best, I'm insane
To these bitches like Miranda, I'm lyrically Bruce Wayne
Pain I felt it and belted it out in sorrow
Broke days, way too embarrassed to ask to borrow
A dollar for a quarter a gallon of gas tomorrow
Struggles by the car load had me lower than Carlos
Borders we sorta ignore 'em like fuck a lock yo
No [?] still stone cold, a Picasso
Nothing quite impossible, something similar to Pac though
Young poet, we know it, so [?] grow blow
Where the wind take me, money'll never make me
No matter where I go, so money'll never break me
Though I been broke like pieces of soap [?]
The cleanse, my soul [?] like [?] we raising
Reaching for better, it's whatever I'm Kevin Bacon
X men out that want none a part of my making why
Bane ain't a match for this emcee
And Dark Knight bat wings need a M3
All y'all drool for Ra's al Ghul protégé
I've been cold as Jay on "3 Kings" nigga get schooled
I am the, 5'3" Morgan free-flow genius
Underground killer like Bane whole team is
They couldn't cop me now they stuck underneath me
I took a leap of faith and I climbed up easy
Rapsodeezy and Eric Jones, I Gotham City
I save ya all from the bad rappers in ya city
And let you take a couple jewels like the cat lady
Dark Knights rise again Jamla we back baby
I say Dark Knights rise again Jamla we back baby
It's so quick to flip and crown a next king
Trip like crips do the blues make us swing
[Low as the flow where chariots ride a wings?]
And decoded the message arrested by modern bling
[?] to bring
Themselves up a notch only took a stab at a dream
Coliseums, used to pray to him, the Elohim
Witnessed the door to door and I guarded it like Akeem
The [Idi Amin?] of all these idiots mean I know
Toe to toe go with the best that they throw in the ring [sing?]
Lot of despair, pair me with none of them things, two left
Feets only dance to the beats with B's we rep
Honesty, my history Cherokee and it's African
Deep blue cinnamon, every bit of the black in him
Embrace heritage, capitalize like acronyms
We higher seed, no need to deplete it like the Vatican
And Benedict ourself, deplenish all our wealth

[Bridge (repeat until fade): Rapsody]
Never blame a man for misfortune, do it yourself

[Verse 2: Wale]
Ain't rocked a 9th beat in a minute
I ain't even with [mittens?]
You slight breeze, I'm wife beaters in winter
I'm a product of Reaganomics where the law is a greater problem
Where the niggas is spraying something and they got 'em
Word to Robin, that's Gotham
That was fiction but I'm talking about the district
Where business is booming for bird flippers and morticians
And I understand the plight of fame
Except we using other drugs just to fight the pain
It's coming apart, I'm hoping to God you niggas ain't playing
Cause I'm more Patrick Bateman and y'all Bruce Wayne
And I do my thing really
Folarin spit pepper, young rap touring
You niggas lack season like a torn ACL-a
Level headed, I put this wit in yo lady belly
And I bet my digits 'bout as thick as Fat Belly Bella
I'm like the new fella meets (Goodfella)
Good guy turned [he'll?] do the prude business
Manute linked is a list of niggas that may envy
But I eat danger for lunch, breakfast, and plate empty
And I leave the place with some choice ladies to fellate with me
And I pull hoes like cellos strings, nigga hear my symphony
Of the Opus Mr. Holland ain't got nothing on
Hollerin' at these hollow heads, we both shallow but I am raw
Fly as fuck, who the fuck is y'all to compare me to them peoples
Niggas questioning they outfit like Jim Carrey on the sequel