Rapsody - Complacent (feat. Problem) (She Got Game Mixtape) (2013)

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Rapsody - Complacent (feat. Problem) (She Got Game Mixtape) lyrics

[Rapsody verse]

180 pennicle, turn back
Back to blackin out on niggas rollin on Rosecran
LA LA land, A Kobe fan
Get booted I unrouted de plans
Pulled the wisdom out and now you ain't feeling advanced
Gino the first rounds, gotta um all feeling some down-
Ward spirals I'm checkin for vitals
Waves reaching tidals, I'm reaching for titles
Tribals I make marks like
Cartwright and Bill (build) off
Till the wheels off the ground and I'm flyer than the air force
Gravitate to me and hold me down like the airports
See thru the outside
Got love for my allies
Sun don’t set in the same position as when the sun rise
I'm two fives intended to be the best
So never stress the lame-os
Seeing thru the camouflage
Wyclef, Lauryn, and Pras,
Score ain't even I had to leave um I know its odd
For it to be this hard and still make it
I'm forever chasing feel my heart
It's still racing from the steps I took to get this far
To get this car I been dreaming bout
Gotta drive myself farther now
Like Mrs. Carter made Hova, Jehovah Witness how
Door to door I knocked building a tower that theyll watch
Never complacent come place it into a higher spot
Higher seed, jack and the bean, no rapper'll top
These are the goals if you wanna have gold in yo stock