Rapsody - A Song About Nothing (She Got Game Mixtape) (2013)

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Rapsody - A Song About Nothing (She Got Game Mixtape) lyrics

[Verse 1]
It's Toca Tuesday the mood gray
Another average news day
Stomache rumbling I'm watchin blue ray
Cleaning out my suitcase
Thinking maybe souffle
Will suit my menu looking thru my closet ain't no Gucci
Pile of laundry just as dirty as this scene that now play
Counting on my fingers tryna make thru da pay day
Neighborhood kids running round loud as lightening
Peep thru my blinds they horse playing fake fighting, shit
Remember when I did the same
Posted up after games
All the older guys knew me just cause of my daddy’s name,
So I was always well behaved could never bring the family shame
Played ball yesterday and rolled my ankle, still in pain
Should probably ice it but I'm feeling lazy, I don't care
After this go off I'll watch a marathon of Cliff and Claire
I need to wash my hair but I ain't doing that neither,
Finished all the laundry so I've earned myself another breather
I'll skip the souffle and probably just order some pizza,
My neighbor two doors down son alway smokin’ reefa
Been in my room all day blasting these weak computer speakers
Between these bare walls with all these retro Jordan sneakers
Last day of school and damn Ms Brann ain't a teacher
Hope I retire just as early I'll spend it eating Pitas
In Grant FILAs, Nautica sweats and wife beaters
And spend my summers telling my kids about Derek Jeter
I grew up off Merita used to learn Spanish in school
Grew up forgot it all but, ehhh my English is cool
So much they say my words in Spain and up in Jeruz
Spent my day doing nothing its just my current mood

I spent my day doing nothing its just mood
I spent my day doing nothing, I ain't that cool like
I spent my day doing nothing its just my groove
I spend my day doing nothing my attitude like
My attitude like
Fuck the world
Attitude like
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck the world
Attitude like
Fuck the world

Currently, I’m secluded with my all passion
I wonder if I'm slightly depressed from all de harassment
Like “when you gon get a job?” my sister keep asking
In a weird space, but ain't overdosing no aspirins
Another movie night will get my mind tighter
Thinking Tiger,
I can bounce BACK from anything I'mma fighter, I'mma fighter
Saw a spider now I'm creeped out
I sleep wit my mouth tighter
Sippin apple cider, I need to add this onto my rider
Random thoughts in my lonely head
The moon red, I ain't a begger, but I beg differ like a leper
Won't add me in your circle, all good I'll make my own
Know I look crazy talking to myself all alone
Wonder if it really help to write it, if you do it stoned?
Hell naw gimme clarity, I fell upon a basketball game
Got me thinking back when I was young
I was good, niggas used to watch me like a game of Thrones
They used to all tell me “you too short to play ever”
So I gave up and in college ain't play never
Thought to myself “naw this won't be same”
So I got myself up cuz I was made for game