Ransom - Open Leter (The Alternative Mixtape) (2013)

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Ransom - Open Leter (The Alternative Mixtape) lyrics

Uh, night night to the haters
Barigama shoes, nice price for the gaters
Yes, the bright lights will amaze you
Young niggas still balling, I might price to the players
This hip-hop, don't worry about the shape
I'm in tip top that's why when I spit it the shit's hot
You put the greatest rappers alive in the big pot
Jay Noz big pock and who would you get stop
Tic-tac, tic-tac, your time's up, your mind stuck
Cope dealer, call me sir rock nigga remind puff,
True breeze believe I keep at 9 top
make inside burn I'll click you and get your lined up,
Come on kid you aint' using your common senses,
Last quarter, two minutes left ball down the entrance
You could smell the death in the air around the benches
But you never see rents who run from the consequences
Getting rich off dollars is what I'm belt nigga
The biggest slave in the yard killing the house nigga
Damn, these niggas is degenarates
Matter of fact these niggas is street credit ..
On the corner I was that nigga that rip benefits
Now they call me .. I'm seeling that deep generous
Yes, I'm a leader, pay the cost to beat her,
Boss start the war with the force and ..
I do it so well that I come across a cheater
Give a wife three lines like I endorse the deep
Snip that, man I made it, never congratulated
.. and hated, but now that I'm educated
You're getting .. verbally gladiated
Omaba is telling me chill, I might get em assasinated
The voice of the people
These niggas not even equal
They told me I'm .. then dedicated defeat you
Guess your life is a movie but you won't be in the sequel
Haha, I ain't done yet nigga
You're f*cking with the best nigga
I can have you doing politely, if you wanna stretch nigga
Then I take care of your dogs, cause I'ma bet nigga
.. flows is reminiscent to ex nigga
Bet you're feeling shit in your bones cause I'm the next nigga
The next nos the next big, the next giga,
My face pretty, my arms tighter, my chest bigger
Yeah, don't be concerned with this,
You heard the rest of them niggas I'm no alternative,

Only a real rapper could touch this
Did I say anymore?