Randy Stonehill - Sleeping lyrics

I see the world as a perfect place,
No tears, no fears, no dizzy fall from grace,
No hungry mouths, no one in pain,
No naked orphans in the rain.

But I was only sleeping,
Safe and warm in bed while the world was weeping, hanging by a thread,
I was only sleeping.

Sometimes a voice whispers in the night about the river of souls running through my life,
Lives in the balance, see them sinking down,
Will I reach out or watch them drown?

But I just go on sleeping,
Safe within my dream, yeah, while the world is weeping, bleeding at the seams,
I just go on sleeping.


The harvest is ready and ripe, but the fields are on fire,
The workers deserted to chase the mirage of desire,
And I was only sleeping. (sleep)


There's a mournful dove at my window sill,
If I don't wake up, who will?