Random Thoughts - Random Memories lyrics

Hey clem I'm thinking of the things that we've done thus far
Like that time that we spent at the Moonstruck chocolate bar
The coffee shop where I spilled chantico on my shoes
And countless hours I spent drinking chai tea with you

These Random Memories are sneaking up on me
But its these simple things that keep me on the edge of my seat
Quoting Tenacious D you asked "Are you flowing?"
Well I've been perfect since the day that I heard you sing

I met you're best friend who i found out shares your name
I sorry but I couldn't help but think that that was strange
I liked your brother till I found out he was a marine
And my family loves you which I think is the best thing that I could ever ask for

These Random Memories...

We're contrived of nothing as candid as a photograph
When all I hear are bold faced lies honesty rings from you laugh

These Random Memories...

(Full voice)

These Random Memories...