Random Thoughts - Bruising Skin & Breaking Hearts lyrics

Its not right its so wrong how could you let yourself fall so low
Thats the worst thing I've heard in awhile but I'm not the one thats hurt
There's nothing that can mend the damage thats been done to her so far
But I'm willing to bet forgiveness still lies within her

And while I don't believe that you'll ever deserve a second chance
I know that she loves you more than I can understand
So go back and beg on hands and knees and you might call that a start
But while you only bruised her skin you broke her heart

But there's no excuse for a loser
So its better you lose her
Than try to explain it away
And how long till she can trust again
That boys mean protection
From all that she see's as pain
(well I guess that thought was too much for your mind)