Random Ruins Of Reality - Unbeaten lyrics

I am unbeaten
wounds that do not heal
screams nobody hears
a heart that cannot beat
am I unbeaten?
I need to unfold
the reach of my bounds
harnessed anymore
I know shadows that bite
(I know shadows that bite)
I've seen fires in the sky
(I've seen fires in the sky)
I feel dead men revive
(in me)
I've seen heroes in tears
(I've seen heroes in tears)
and thieves hailed with cheers
(and thieves hailed with cheers)
but they cannot get rid
(of me)
I'm not bound to pay that toll
I am not resigned to be one of the crowd
to fade unknown
and unfound
to succumb to this huge and painfull load
and I won't be a background sound
I won't fall
and my name will be screamed loud
for long
I will be a deep scar in history
but they cannot beat me
and so I'll face their reprisal