Ramones - Mama's Boy (Too Tough To Die Album) (1984)

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Ramones - Mama's Boy (Too Tough To Die Album) lyrics

Couldn't keep a secret
Got a concrete skull
Couldn't shut up
You're an imbecile
You're an ugly dog
There's nothing to gain
You couldn't shut up
Got a bad bad brain

Couldn't hold your tongue
You were just too young
Like a two year old
You told you told
You are all the same jelly
Bean brain
Every one's a secret nerd.
Every one's closet lame

Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-mama's boy
Don't want to work in a hot dog stand
Be a busboy messenger or a doorman
It's an abstract world
You're an abstract man
Abstract city don't give a damn