Rakim - Guess Who's Back lyrics (Chinese translation). | "Once again back is the incredible"(Chuck D)
, Yeah, yeah
, It's the return of the Wild Style...
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Rakim - Guess Who's Back (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: "Once again back is the incredible"(Chuck D)
ZH: "再一次背是令人难以置信"(恰克 D)

EN: Yeah, yeah
ZH: 是的是的

EN: It's the return of the Wild Style fashionist
ZH: 这就是的狂放风格 fashionist

EN: Smashin hits, make it hard to adapt to this
ZH: 丝命中,令人难于适应这

EN: Put pizazz and jazz in this, and cash in this
ZH: 在这方面,把增强和爵士乐和现金在这

EN: Mastered this, flash this and make em clap to this
ZH: 掌握了这一点,闪存这并使 em 拍到这

EN: DJ's throw on cuts and obey the crowd
ZH: DJ 的扔上削减和服从群众

EN: Just pump the volume up, and play it loud
ZH: 只是泵卷起来,并大声播放

EN: Hip-Hop's embedded, before I said I wouldn't let it
ZH: Hip Hop 嵌入之前我说过我不会让它

EN: But me and the microphone is still magnetic
ZH: 但我和麦克风是仍然磁性

EN: Straight off the top, I knew I'd be forced to rock
ZH: 直接关闭顶部,我就知道会被迫向岩

EN: Dancefloors just stop, the spot's scorchin hot
ZH: Dancefloors 好像停止了,现场的热 scorchin

EN: Hoping I open Rakim Allah seminars
ZH: 希望我打开一阿拉研讨会

EN: Massage at the bar smokin ten dollar cigars
ZH: 在酒吧按摩排烟,十美元的雪茄

EN: while I admire midas, with more vision than TV's
ZH: 虽然我很钦佩 midas,比电视更多视觉

EN: I find it easy catchin diabetes from fly sweeties
ZH: 我发现它很容易 catchin 糖尿病从飞糖果

EN: Sit back and wait to hear a slammin track
ZH: 坐着等听到 slammin 轨道

EN: Rockin jams by popular demand, I'm back
ZH: 最受欢迎摇滚的果酱,我回来了

EN: chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: I control the crowd, you know I hold it down
ZH: 我控制人群,你知道我按住不放

EN: When it drop you know it's jiggy when you hear the sound
ZH: 当它降时你知道它是爱情的当你听到声音

EN: From town to town, until it's world reknowned
ZH: 从镇到镇上,直到它是世界 reknowned

EN: And I rock New York City all year around
ZH: 我摇滚纽约城所有一年左右

EN: (Check it out)
ZH: (签出)

EN: It's on so you can swerve when it's heard in clubs
ZH: 所以你可以转弯在俱乐部中的消息时是

EN: Thought patterns displayed on Persian rugs
ZH: 显示在波斯地毯上的思维模式

EN: Equations are drawn up in paisley form
ZH: 方程在佩斯利的窗体中绘制

EN: Mic it stay warm, my flow is Evian
ZH: Mic 它保持温暖,我的流是埃维昂

EN: Deep as a Nautilus, you stay dipped in Ra style
ZH: 深作为舡鱼,你待浸在 Ra 的样式

EN: from the shores of Long Island to Panama Canal
ZH: 从长岛到巴拿马运河的海岸

EN: Intellect pitches new trends like a clothes designer
ZH: 像服装设计师的智慧球场新趋势

EN: I'm in effect, quicker than medicines in China
ZH: 我实际上,比在中国的药品快

EN: Split the mic open fill it with somethin potent to go in
ZH: 拆分麦克风打开相逢烈性去填补它

EN: and take a toke then, mental planes start floatin
ZH: 并采取抽一口,然后心理飞机开始 floatin

EN: Hot science is smokin altitudes cause chokin
ZH: 热科学是排烟,海拔原因乔金

EN: Product is hypnotic you're soakin and still smokin
ZH: 产品是催眠你泡和排烟,仍

EN: Showin better scenes than grams of amphetamines
ZH: 舒比克的安非他命更好场景

EN: Plans to scheme, means I'll forever fiend
ZH: 计划计划,意味着我永远会恶魔

EN: Long as the mic is loud and the volume is pumpin
ZH: 只要 mic 是大声的和该卷是南瓜

EN: I'ma move crowds to 2000
ZH: 我要将人群移动到 2000

EN: *chorus*
ZH: * 合唱 *

EN: Yo, my rhymes and lyrics, find spirits like a seance
ZH: 哟,我的旋律和歌词,找到灵魂像 séance

EN: Since fat Cray-ons, I write and display chaos
ZH: 因为脂肪 Cray-ons,书写,显示混乱

EN: My plan is damage, the diagram to where the jam
ZH: 我的计划是损坏了,到哪里图卡纸

EN: I take advantage, until the crowd go bananas
ZH: 我利用,直到人群去香蕉

EN: What a rush I hear cuts then I lust to touch
ZH: 我听到很匆忙削减什么然后动淫念触摸

EN: Microphones get clutched by the illustrious
ZH: 话筒拿离合的杰出

EN: Word spread I inherited, many ways to say the unsaid
ZH: 消息传播继承的很多方面说说出口的话

EN: Born with three 7's in my head
ZH: 生来就有三个 7 在我的头

EN: In time no one can seem to blow your mind as far as this
ZH: 在时间中没有人可以似乎吹你的头脑就此

EN: To find you'll need philosophers and anthropologists
ZH: 找到你需要的哲学家和人类学家

EN: Astrologists, professors from your smartest colleges
ZH: 占星学家,从您最聪明的大学教授

EN: with knowledge of scholarships, when Ra be droppin this
ZH: 与奖学金、 当 Ra 是弹夹这知识

EN: Some of the things I know, will be in your next Bible
ZH: 一些我知道的东西将在您下一次的圣经

EN: When I die go bury me and my notebook in Cairo
ZH: 我死的时候回去埋葬我和我的笔记本在开罗

EN: with the great God from Egypt manifest was write rhymes
ZH: 与大神从埃及清单是写儿歌

EN: align with the stars, I come back to bless the mic
ZH: 与星共舞对齐,回来要保佑麦克风

EN: *chorus* 2X
ZH: * 合唱 * 2 X

EN: "Once again, back is the incredible" (Chuck D)
ZH: "再一次,后面是令人难以置信"(恰克 D)

EN: Word up, Rakim Allah the Microphone Fiend is back, yaknahmean?
ZH: 词了,一阿拉麦克风恶魔回来,是 yaknahmean 吗?

EN: "Rakim Allah"(Rakim)
ZH: "一 Allah"(Rakim)

EN: Till death do us part
ZH: 直到死亡将我们分离吗

EN: "Once again, back is the incredible" (Chuck D)
ZH: "再一次,后面是令人难以置信"(恰克 D)

EN: It's on
ZH: 它有关于

EN: "Rakim Allah" (Rakim)
ZH: "一阿拉"(一)

EN: "Once again back is the incredible
ZH: "再一次背是令人难以置信

EN: The incredible, the incredible
ZH: 很不可思议,令人难以置信

EN: The incredible...
ZH: 令人难以置信......

EN: Once again back is the incredible
ZH: 再一次背是令人难以置信

EN: Rhyme animal, the incredible..." (Chuck D)
ZH: 韵的动物,不可思议......"(卡卡 D)