Rainmakers - Downstream lyrics

Me and Mark Twain were having us a ball
Telling each other lies floating down from Hannibal
With a bottle and a worm and a cane pole
We were fishing for secrets where the catfish crawl

And the Mississippi River's flowing downstream
Meet the Gulf of Mexico somewhere downstream
Meet the Atlantic Ocean somewhere downstream
Gonna meet you in the water somewhere downstream

Well we picked up Harry Truman floating down from Independence
We said what about the war, he said good riddance
We said what about the bomb, are you sorry that you did it
He said pass me that bottle and mind your own business


We were rounding St. Louie and heading for the coast
When we picked up Chuck Berry in a little row boat
With one oar in the water and one in the air
A lightning rod for a white guitar

Then lightning struck once and lightning struck twice
And I said if there's a God he sure ain't nice
Chuck said God is an Indian giver
I don't trust nothing but the Mississippi River