Rainbowdragoneyes - Rape Castle lyrics

Inside these walls are the screams of a thousand tortured women
To spite them all I seize their life til they're done livin
I can't recall how long they each can endure beatings
But it's good fun and when it's done it is good eating

I eat their bones and brains right out their skull
I eat without mercy their soul
My endless hunger for wretched female swine
My endless thirst for impure blood and death divine

The demon tourguide will lead you through the entrance to the top
Please hold all questions til the end of the tour at the gift shop

You know why you're here there's no use complaining
So shut your mouth and get in line

Bitch you make me sick
I'll eat you up so quick
And deal with your friends as I see fit
I'm always watching every move that you make
When you fuck up you deal with your fate

When I take you to
The rape castle
Would you be so kind as to call your friends and bring them to
The rape castle
Where all your dreams and all your fantasies come true
In the rape castle
We can all get hammered til we can't feel our own face
Because the rape castle
Is your new home so live it up, here you will stay