Rain - Mean (2011)

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Rain - Mean lyrics

Catch me with a yellow bitch stepping out …
Valentine heels on, and you know who bought them
Addicted to the flossing, I won’t pay a fortune
... once and get off it, ah
While…you can tell them set the go
If they ask you who I be, I am that nigger better know
Love me numb or love me none
Love me ... forever more
My women love one another
And they let each other know

Dirty money got me styling with the sickness
Looking fly in all my pictures
Looking chicks them taste delicious
And this remi I be sipping
While I’m twisting up my scissors
Got me feeling like I’m flying
While I’m sitting man I’m tripping
Top down on that m drop,
Strapped up with them 2 glocks
Bald head with them tattoos
And turned up like 2pac
Rose we pop that and spray that on roof tops
Came through in one night and shut down like 2 spots
Mean, mean

Cocaine vandal, true religion camels
True religious sandals, way too much to handle
Cooler than your last nigger,
Fresher than your head too
I could bag your best friend
Right after I land you
Till you roll with me you never really hit the same scene
I could wake you up and let you really leave your dreams
We can leave the city and it’s silly as it seems
I won’t even tie you down you are free to do your thangs
Rain, feeling better than I ever been
Looking like a baller, in a room full of ...
Baby texting pictures but I never leave the evidence
If she ain’t sucking dick or eating pussy, she’s irrelevant
Mean, mean

Catch me with a brown shit, stepping out of ...
... heels on, headed to the party
Listening to too much Nicki Minaj she think she Barbie
I tell her shut the fuck up just sit back and hit this ...
Free that, hot boy, believe that
Shock money I seen that, where the fuck ...
I love just to go get it
But I promise you I be back
Big boy I’m mean
So fresh so clean like 3 stacks
Mean, mean

My fit mean, my bitch mean, my whip mean
You know that I sit clean
... means nothing new v’s hugging
On them street says I lean stunting
20’s in the street club, baby let me see something
Drop it like you need something when you see my team coming
Get your hustle on, that’s why I love to see
And in your bed in the morning that’s where I’d love to be
Mean, mean.