Raheem - Head lyrics

Head, Till I get a nut
Head, Love the way ya suck
Head, Make me wanna cum
Head, Wax me till I'm done

[Verse 1:]
A nigga don't like head, He must be crazy
Yeah, I said it
Down her throat, That's where I'm headed
Now y'all niggaz wanna follow
Found out that bitch'll swallow
She got me down nuts
And stick that tongue up the butt
She do that freaky shit
And suck them toes and shit
She is my favorite bitch
You know you do that shit
Back that hotel
Suck a nigga dick, Bang a nigga, Won't go tell
She put that honey on it
Raheem got money on it
And all you hoes want it
9 inches, Get up on it


[Verse 2:]
Can't live without it, I need some
How bout doin a threesome?
You, Her, And me
Both of y'all on this h-e-a-d
Let me build them toes up
And she can do them bo's up
I got some twin freaks
Unique and Dominique
They like a genie to me
I wish and they do me
What mo' can a brotha ask fo'?
[Can ya get down low?]
It's like a porno flick
2 hoes on my dick
I got some freaky bitches
They might just want my riches
But you know I gotta be on my guard
Thinkin to myself, Good lord!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Moesha, Moesha
Do you want Raheem to beat ya?
UF be a grade AB
A nigga don't wanna feel no teeth
Word to the pros
Mouth closed, Breathe through the nose
Ridin down 285
Quit lookin, Nigga drive
[A yo, Cuz, Man, Hold up]
[This head, This ain't chew that booty up]
True dat, True dat
But just don't have no motherfuckin wreck
Let's make it home
You can get yo shit sucked all night long
Catch 22 style
You get head while I'm hittin 'em doggystyle
That's how we like it
As long as all you hoes don't bite

[Chorus x4]