Raffi - The Changing Garden Of Mr. Bell lyrics

Mr. Bell's from a foreign place
His family all were farmers
He arrived from across the sea
And came to be next door

And he works his land
With a knowing hand
Though it's very small
He makes it grow so well
In the changing garden of Mr. Bell

These are astors and edelweiss
And rows and rows of roses
Those are hives in the dogwood trees
For bees to come and go

It's a wondrous site
In the morning light
And the earth is full
Every color every smell
In the changing garden of Mr. Bell

I once saw a photograph upon his mantle shelf
Of a beautiful lady a child in her arms
And a young Mr. Bell himself
I wondered out loud about them
And he answered in the strangest way
He just said look: see how the garden grows
It's always changing every day

Mr. Bell has his morning tea
And I will bring his paper
See the sun through the curtain lace
Dapple his face and hands

Every day is new
There is much to do
Life's a mystery
Full of secrets that might tell
In the changing garden of Mr. Bell
In the changing garden of Mr. Bell