Raekwon - To The Top (feat. Maino) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1: Maino]
, Let's take it to the top like a escalator
, To touch me, you need a elevator
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Raekwon - To The Top (feat. Maino) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1: Maino]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 马伊诺]

EN: Let's take it to the top like a escalator
ZH: 让我们给像自动扶梯顶部

EN: To touch me, you need a elevator
ZH: 要碰我,你需要一个电梯

EN: Black ?, my team strong, my style greater
ZH: 黑吗?,我的团队强,我的风格更多

EN: Smooth criminal, white linen on yellow gaiters
ZH: 光滑的刑事、 白色亚麻布在黄色绑腿

EN: Started with a dream to make it to a key
ZH: 同一个梦,使它到一个键开始

EN: Now, we hoppin' outta cars that never use a key
ZH: 现在,我们离开从未使用的密钥的车 hoppin'

EN: Came out hard off credit cards and open schemes
ZH: 出来硬把信用咭及开放计划

EN: Now, it's women who make a livin' right on their knees
ZH: 现在,它的权利在他们的膝盖讨生活的妇女

EN: All them nights, prayed a night for better days
ZH: 所有他们的夜晚,祈祷更好天一夜

EN: Feelin' like Biggie in Versace Shades
ZH: 感觉像大不了范思哲底纹

EN: Vegas lights, sparkles bright, I got a wave
ZH: 拉斯维加斯灯光、 闪耀明亮,我有一波

EN: Feelin' right, bitches nice, I can't behave
ZH: 感觉正确,这些婊子很好,我不能表现的

EN: Chillin' in Miami with my Cuban piece
ZH: 在迈阿密套房里,和我的古巴一件

EN: She won't let me leave, grabbing on my Cuban linen
ZH: 她不让我离开,抓我古巴亚麻

EN: Pop Models, pop mollies in large dose
ZH: 流行的模型,在大剂量的流行 mollies

EN: Pack light, pack hammers at them Award Shows
ZH: 包光,收拾他们锤奖显示

EN: [Verse 2: Raekwon]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 疑云]

EN: Smoke screen, cooler than them boats
ZH: 烟幕,他们的船比酷

EN: Sellin' show, jump out, the whole world know this
ZH: 卖血显示,跳出来,整个世界知道这

EN: I'm only rich, floating.
ZH: 我唯一的丰富、 浮动。

EN: Real Deal Bentley, niggas.
ZH: 真正的交易宾利,黑鬼。

EN: Feel them heaters, we them Beatles
ZH: 感觉到他们加热器、 我们他们披头士

EN: Pull out on family members, snaking leaders
ZH: 拉出蜿蜒领导人的家庭成员,

EN: Quarter-Million shit on the stove
ZH: 炉子上季万狗屎

EN: Got some real Brooklyn killer-stack niggas with me
ZH: 有一些真正的布鲁克林杀手堆栈黑人和我一起

EN: Spit on your globe.
ZH: 在您地球上吐痰。

EN: Got my Lawyer in the back of the foyer
ZH: 有我在门厅的律师

EN: Eatin' sauteéd fish, pass the goya
ZH: 吃 sauteéd 鱼,传递弗朗西斯科 · 戈雅

EN: My gun named Toyer
ZH: 我名为 Toyer 的枪

EN: Marble Floors in the Benz,
ZH: 在奔驰的大理石地板

EN: The rims is regular
ZH: 外缘是定期

EN: Come through, new lots ?
ZH: 通过新地段来吗?

EN: Adorned with a sword in his leather
ZH: 用一把剑在他皮革装饰

EN: And I've been on the walls
ZH: 我一直在墙上

EN: In Ossining. And bring it back.
ZH: 在奥西宁。并把它带回来。

EN: The best and my cleaver came with me
ZH: 最好和我刀来了和我一起

EN: Reload quickly. I'm surely down fifty a cheeba
ZH: 快速地重新加载。我肯定下来一停下五十

EN: Elloquently, I relax in the Waldorf
ZH: Elloquently,我放松在华尔道夫

EN: Under the covers, and the sword off
ZH: 下盖,并关闭剑

EN: Sweat this shit, growing a mohawk.
ZH: 汗这件事的莫霍克族日益增长。

EN: Ready to blow off.
ZH: 准备好要打爆。