Raekwon - Marble Cake (2013)

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Raekwon - Marble Cake lyrics

Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M.
Get the money, dollar dollar bill y'all

Check the jewelry set
Mixed with Perignon and champagne collection
Wine rack, 18 karat, check the desk
Press that button right there, grab a Beck's
Legendary alive
Silks on frontin' at LIV, still the flyest
Black Gatti seats violent
Wu pirate, boo pilot, check the nigga drive out
Realer shits, they whip me
Keep it real, dealerships, they dig me
Dungaree bling, monster king
Walk through the joint, get praised like Jah rollin' weed
Leathers in all flavors
Taught niggas how to get fly and flip spaceships
Rock mad diamonds and strive, see the bracelet
Ask Ghost where the evil come from, don't say shit
Caesar's, no skeezers
I could get you barred from Europe, no visas
Take a little piece of your world, change your season
Put a fresh tech to your face, now squeeze this
Peace to my nigga 40
Sixty others keep it a buck, what's real? Call me
Eli suits, day one, just a shorty
Yes, Gore-tex, techs techs
My niggas shoot up the complex
Rae's so complex
That's right, it's so gracious when a don flex
He 'bout checks, feedin' his seeds and family
Swiss accounts, livin' in Whistler with the good stuff
Sit back and wrote, 20 years later
A GOAT now, Capricorn killer on the float
Night trips while niggas is sleep
I live in a pillage, where niggas cook coke up all week
But that's not my lingo, ain't bumpin' no heads like Ochocinco
Rather be in Santa Domingo
On a beach, newspaper callin' with a few shakers
Barbecue wings with a few neighbors
Huntin' gear, tryin' to shoot gators
Yeah, put 'em on and chop up a few blazers
Back to the culture, luxury things that's leanin'
Me and my team gon' stay feinin'
FILA comin', y'all, we cleanin'
Now what's the meanin'? Remember this

Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M.
Get the money, dollar dollar bill y'all