Raekwon - Lion's Paw (2013)

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Raekwon - Lion's Paw lyrics

We celebrate by blowing some grass, the mighty green
I'm on the third floor in the crib up in the wifey Beamer
Breaking down plates and charging niggas
Prices is high, don't try to argue niggas, you might get a job from niggas!
Yesterday's hopes is yesterday's quotes
They trapped my son,
Them bastards is done now, they ghost!
Sipping Martini cucumbers, watching the crew's numbers
I'm in .., Raymond Weils, and Miguels
Spanish house of love, “mi casa es su casa”
Two rastas with me, who the bumber?
High tech Macs for faggot niggas
Niggas don't wear Airs no more,
They wear Channels, word sale
Outta their face if they funny niggas
Look at these creatures, no hope, no gear
Niggas needed me to teach 'em!
I'm at the swap meet with Shawty
Me, top, …and life
Perry and Soup, Molly and Mike
With 17 bad …. all over age, you crazy
Them bitches is millionaires with babies.
Suits on A team, hundred …. goose on
Watch ‘em spread out time, I know my rooster calling
Wild, wearing wing tips that's high top
Hit the spa shop, two cameras to go, niggas know
And after that, two days of rest, yeah right, you white
We ain't slept for years, but we right?
Dedicated to the gun game, we toast to the best
For 20 years niggas blessed, alright stressed
You think I'm laughing to the bank, but I'm crying, yo
Can't even spend it with loyal niggas, they're grimy
Even your boys will try to blind me, be strong, pa,
We’re from the 90s!
Stick together, then get dip together
No more days of extortion, I had my portion
Cause I was just dumb, deaf and exhausted
All love, but no pound, see the baby peace chant
You got some breadsticks, Shawty?
What it be? …me!
We in the high rise with Jack Daniels drinking with George Daniels
Some niggas observe
This a whore scandal!

That it’s some because of you!
If you’re the one
Should ever write
My life story
Or another that I’ll be!
You’ll be there between each line to pay that glory
Cause you’re the best thing that ever happened to me!