Radio Birdman - TPBR Combo lyrics

On a 727
And I need a TPBR
Now we're getting loaded
In an all night cocktail bar
Don't wanna go
But we don't wanna miss that plane
Dean Martin on the tape
He's driving me half insane
Better hold on now
It's getting serious

Back off Jack
If you don't wanna get shot down
I got a V8 fist
And I don't wanna mess around
(Mess your face)
You go a skullbone head
And a razor on your tie
I got a skull on fire
And a laser on my mind

Give me a chili dog
With lots of onions
Mustard and grease
All oozin' out the side
Do the TP: Do the TPBR
All the kids are doing the TPBR
Sol and Tanya are doing the TPBR
Down in Pittsburgh they're doing the TPBR
Hold on now
Hold on now
It's getting serious