Racebannon - Satan's Kicking Yr. Dick In, Part V lyrics

Channel 8 news: "On the news front tonight, spotlight! spotlight! Miss Rhonda Delight. Although yr sure familiar with how this story goes, I know you'd love to hear it again. Of course you heard how she swept the Grammys. The world's heard enough to know that when it comes to pop culture and its effect on you, baby, Rhonda owns yr radio."

Channel 13 news: "News flash! News flash of the most urgent kind. The action's out in Hollywood. That's where you'll find Rhonda's big screen debut, milking yr every dime. It's time! It's time! I know you can't wait much longer. Box office beauty mesmerizing yr worlds, yr sure you've never seen anyone before with moxy and the presence of little Lady Delight. You can't believe how exciting her figure seems."

Fox news: "Everybody, hot news tonight! Miss Delight, the big time mistress midnight, to perform for the Queen in a one of a kind concert celebration. Old renditions of Aretha Franklin's "A Natural Woman." Blowing the bounds of sound for her majesty's sake. This makes the world embrace her forever, infinity."

Rhonda: "Gimme, gimme, gimme more please!"

E! news: "Sassy young Rhonda in the news once again. And if yr beginning to feel this all will never end, we're here to tell you that the drama's yet to begin. The world's most treasured young darling is miss sin sin sin. Seen all over everywhere with every big money mover. We're talking Sean Penn, Thurston Moore, and John F. Kennedy, Jr. This girl's not quite yet ready to settle down. Scandal is her choice of abusement. She chooses yr daily lives and what you call amusement. Well, look what's in the news now. Sex tape of her and that dead president's son. The madam spread open, exposed to everyone, vulnerable for all yr eyes to see. First wave of rebellion has begun. Parents shun the once glorious from their young ones. Her taunting of yr ignorance no longer seems fun. Who needs this woman? Yr fine on yr own. Nothing like an old fashioned scandal to keep you immortalized. In the eyes of the public, yr name being there's enough. It's tough to let go from there. Of course, drugs are a factor. With who are they not? If you've got money, spend money. Take all you can."

Rhonda: "Oh, heroin is so lower class. Oxycontin is much more chic. I want to speak in a thousand languages that only cocaine can teach. How marvelous it all seems to be seen blacked out clean. No vision by any means, just an open sense of freedom. Let me kill this fifth of whiskey and I'm good to go. I'll perform fine. Aw, what do you know? I could do this paralyzed, deaf, blind, fuck you I'm ready to go. Oh wait, I think I've gotten a little ahead of my mind. Lemme take a little more time. Oh, jesus, how do I look?"

Come on girl, keep yr composure. This night could break yr career over.

Rhonda: "Jesus, tell me how the hell do I look? I took from everyone with half a brain and now I'm paying for it. Dammit, I can't believe this shit. how do I look? Those so familiar eyes are coming back again I can tell. Hell's a real place, I know this. Oh, how do I look?"

Channel 6 news: "This just in and you know that's right. Lady overdosed in her Paris hotel tonight. Tough fight to hold on. How long will her coma last?"

Nurses, cameras, flowers bloom around her hospital bed. Not dead but not alive. Her eyes have grown a new white/blank.

Channel 6 news: "Will she ever live through this ride? It's a topic that's made the whole world divide. Is she a tart that had it coming? Or the idol we praise?"

Glazed out cold we hold on to see the fate or our madam's recovery. Bless her heart there was a twitch in the dark followed by the end of her sealed dreams.

Rhonda: "Once again I can feel bright beams closing in to take me off. Oh, how do I look? I'm breaking off but I think I'm still alive. Did I survive the drama or am I still dreaming? Dammit, how do I look?"

Heat wave. Colors crashed. An explosion at the doors. Those eyes are glaring. The taste of that cock in his mouth. The smell of the potion it held to make this songbird. Strange figures in the dark.

Satan: "Rodney, yr road has come to an end. Send away yr hopes of a comeback. Rejoice! Yr about to see a place only few can imagine, yet so many have seen before. I'll give you this one day to prepare. But, only this one day to prepare. You have every reason to be scared. Success doesn't smell too fucking good now, does it? Excess doesn't smell too fucking good now, does it? Sure you thought you'd love it. But it hurts, baby girl, it hurts. You'll soon see that."

Same colors crash. Same wave of heat. Same dirty taste in his mouth. Salty. Stale. The king of evil exists in the shadow of nights. Leaving behind Rhonda's rotting sense of sight of any world she could've known. She's outgrown this life. Left on her own just one more day to go. Blowin' with the wind. There's nowhere.

Rhonda: "There's nowhere for me."

Panic-stricken is a fucking understatement. His ears are starting to bleed. Spinning around, lost, aimlessly.

Rhonda: "This is my last chance to hide. I can't see how I look."

Run, Rhonda run! Run, Rhonda run!Run, Rhonda run!

Rhonda: "Girlfriend, yr gone. You need to keep on stayed gone. He was wrong. All rules were made to be broken. I'm hopin' I'm right. Fuck's it matter if I'm not? I'm rotting away here far past fear."

The blood still streaming down his face. The sidewalk, a taxi cab, twenty dollar bills, a bedroom, and a half gallon of vodka. A TV set's late night news. Just guess who the fuck it is? Paranoia. An open window. Parking lots in high heels. Beneath the bridge of the highway. Just struggling to keep going. Fields of grass. The bushes near the yellow house. Trees, many trees. Then the highway again.

Rhonda: "Fuck, it's bright."

Gas attendant creates more paranoia. The keys to a Red Chevy. Some other man running after him. Now, an open road. Just keep goin' now keep goin'.