ROOT! - Intro lyrics

This is how you remind me
I'm having trouble doing poop!
This is how you remind me
I'm having trouble with my...

Oh. Hi! Chad Kroeger here from Nickelback! I'm here in the studio in LA, talking to you live via satellite! It's a real honour for me to be part of tonight's special tribute to the DC3! I first heard the DC3 when I was in fifth grade! I remember it as if it were yesterday. I'd had a particularly difficult bowel motion that day, and then I heard the DC3 and you know, it really cheered me up! Ever since then, they've been an inspiration to me and my music, as you can probably tell. So I'm here to say, "Thanks guys and keep on rocking!" Let's get this party started! Comin' up is some band I've never heard of, but their name sounds a bit like poo! And that's good enough for me! Ladies and gentlemen, will you please put your hands together for tonight's opening act, in their comeback show, Root!