ROAR - The Comfort Of A Laugh Track lyrics

Is there something you should say
That I don't want to know?
Trying to remain composed
While asking me to go
When I scare the last away
All of the fault will be my own

Why is it so hard to speak
To people? I don't know
Is it something that you learn
When constantly alone?
When did I become a man
Trapped inside a ghost?

If you could only see me now
I know I'd disappoint somehow
I'm stuck inside a fantasy
Where I could be all you would need

Will I live in shame of the things in the past that I should have done for you?
Is it possible to forgive all the ignorant ones if they're just too young?

Fake love… yeah, you know you'll be truly missed
Fake love must be some kind of abstinence
Let's not make much more out of all of this
Let's not but we still can pretend we did