RINGWORM - Snake Church (2016)

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RINGWORM - Snake Church lyrics

Brothers of darkness; void of light.
Poison the father; venomous bite.
Divine intervention; the holy parasite.

Crumbling arches; we are the end.
Raining upon us again and again.
Lucifer rising; finally descend.

Rise, serpent on the cross.

We see the ocean of fire; the blood in the skies.
The golden horizon; the all seeing eye.
War of attrition; master of the flies.

The mindless submission, the life on a chain.
The disintegration, the vital remain.
Bleeding the hallow; author of your pain.

Rise, serpent on the cross.

See the vultures circle round.
Feeding off the dead, an ocean turning red.
Eternally you search.


Sealing the ending, wage of sin.
Assimilation, the devil within.
Serpent arising; shedding of the skin.

Our damnation, burial tomb.
Into the coven; into the womb.
As we recite the prophecy of doom.
Eternally you search.

rise, rise, rise SNAKE CHURCH.