R.O.C. - Cosmic Adventure lyrics

(Cosmic Pimp)

Serving Yall Sour Puss Face Bitches a Tall Glass of Hard Lemonade
Can a Pimp Get a Cigarette in this mutha fucka or What
You See the Boy is Good,
They Call 'Em Rubba Balls Cause He Always Seems to Bounce Every time They Kick 'Em
Something About the Dedicated to Make the Punk Bitches Hate It
You See I Was Choppin it Up With ROC Yesterday
I Call Him ROC Cause the Mans Hardcore
Like ??? Throwaways with the Cereal Number Scratched Off
& He Put on a Little Recording That he Had Put Together For Me
It Was Called "Welcome to the Dark Side"
Shit Was Hot ta Def
It Melted My Brain
I Felt My Brain Drippin out my ear Like a Hooker Witta Vaginal InFection
This Shit is Hot Baby
So Wat a Pimp Gonna Do Right here
Put This Square Out,
Shut the Fuck Up and Let Yall Enjoy this Experience
Cosmic Pimping Baby