R. Kelly - Number One Hit lyrics

Baby you are the song of my life
In the sweetest melody
And I love making love to your eyes
Its like singing in the perfect key

You are my number One Hit) 8x's

I got a studio up in heaven
And its the perfect atomsphere
It's guaranteed to make you platinum
All you gotta do is come here and let me make you my...

You are my number one hit 8x's
The way you put your music on me
Symphony should be your name
Girl, its like God gave me the perfect anthem
When he sent your love my way

You are my number one hit 8x's

New York to LA and

France onto Rome
LA hit Vegas then dance our way home
Our music plays all around the world
And my life has been a smash since you became my....

You are my number one hit 8x's

We went way past gold

You are my Elvis and Priscilla
My Michael Jackson Thriller
Smooth Opertator by Sade
Baby let's not forget the 12 Play
You're my Titantic boat
My moon and star
My Coming to America my Avatar

You are
You are
You are
You are