Róisín Murphy - The Closing Of The Doors lyrics

We're too busy
We're just too busy
Always making predictions
Never make an exception
To the rules

Why do we fight?
All through the night?
Why do we fight at all?
Oh Oh Oh Oh

Let's just turn the whole damn thing upside down
Do you recognize the one you knew before
The closing of the doors?

Don't you remind me of someone?
Don't you remind me?
I knew you better
Don't you remind me?
Much better than that

I never loved you blindly
I new a man who was better
Much better than that
Once you've said it
Oh Oh Oh Oh
You can't take it back
Oh Oh Oh Oh
I knew you'd find that note someday
SO I wrote down
All the things that I couldn't say

You and I
Up all night
Why do we fight at all?

The closing of the doors
The calling of time

Don't you remind me of someone
Don't you remind me