Quincy - Stay Awhile (feat. Kendre) (2012)

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Quincy - Stay Awhile (feat. Kendre) lyrics

Shawty lay back let your hair down, make you smile
Stay awhile, stay awhile
If you wanna corrupt your back better stress out
You can say yes now, I aint too proud to beg
Shawty lay back let your head down, make you smile
Stay awhile, stay awhile, stay awhile
If you wanna come rub your back let your stress out
You can say yes now, I aint too proud to beg
Stay awhile

Stay awhile, that’s what I told you was leaving you came back
And that made me smile,
now when you’re sleeping alone tonight
We ain’t gotta make love we can ..love
And baby let’s ..love, right now
Baby let’s do it right now oh
Shawty come in take off your sandals
I wanna see how much you can handle
Please, let me run your path
It’s beautiful watching you, making you laugh
How many .. arase me to the bed
Show many thoughts ..through your bed
If I could read your mind I’d grab your need of ..
Wanna T-shirt girl you can sleep in mine


The night, no sleeping, get dirty, no sleeping
No tellin what happens when you stay
Take a shot don’t miss it, forehead,I’ma kiss you girl everything
As we feenin lust, our body searching love
and how we ..most space between us
It’s not a race is gonna take my time
Oh my , you’ve been patient in my waiting sleep off your ..going down
Close your eyes my baby
You plus me we go together like 1 for 3
Baby start gentle and then youe inner freak
Tonight we’re gonna end we just began


Took a little while to get you here
And I aint tryin waste no time, girl you so fine you a dime
And I don’t wanna spend it, I’ma put that in my penny bank
Come a little closer girl the Jimmi choos that you got on
Look like they wanna be alone
boy you readin my mind
I know, shut up come on
show it I want you own it
You my tenderoni girl the champinhip belt can hold it
She looking my shy take it off so we can get started
I don’t blow your mind I’ma do so right when you go back to your girl you gone wanna cry
at least not tonight girl you wont wanna switch it up tonight