Querencia - Gray's Anatomy lyrics

These miles, logged in my mind, will be the wear the breaks me down. this lie, this stare I cast, will be the reason you need to go. i want it back, i'm taking it back. this is the time for broken hearts. an empty glass, an empty bed. and memories of your remains. a rose, a fist of ash. a smile, trapped under glass. a tear, a final glance. a rest, that has no end. the prospect of the pain of absence that has finally found it's place within these walls. a place where i no longer hide. i can't run from fate, i can't reset the clock. i can't take back these years, i can't relive those days, as every moment ticks away. live. love. sleep. and like a flood it comes, the memories and tears. awakening the sound, a sound that echo's through the years.... i hear you. i see you.