Q Parker - We Can Go (2011)

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Q Parker - We Can Go lyrics

I can see you got lie on your mind so do i
We both are working hard and the pressure is over time
So what are we gonna do we know that we need to do something aha
I see this picture perfect change starting you and me
Will make this great escape to a place we never see
How does this .. is it something you wanna do tell em
Oh yeah

Pre chorus:
I committed to be your fantasy
Your 90 shiny number your prince charming
If that’s what you want babe
Then just say the word baby
And imagine me,

Imagine me, imagine you
I come not i never move
We can steal it forever and baby will never
Come back here it gonna be here
Imagine you, imagine me
Spend the world to the deep ..
Baby elt’s go go go go go
We can go go go go go go go
We can go

I hope you trust me in your dreams like i trust you with the keys
You’re my castle in the sky hope you’re ready to fly
We need to go higher than we’ve ever been before
You can, let’s create our own space
Somewhere in out of space
Imagine .. in every cases to another galaxy
Baby you gonna see
Imagine you and me, just imagine
Cause baby i’m still

[Pre Chorus:]

Imagine we’re stopping time
Far away in the sky
That’s where i see em
And that’s where i see you
that’s where i see you
And that’s where i see you, you you

Imagine baby