Pusha T - Sweet (Freestyle) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Get my chain, get my chain
, This GOOD music
, You sweet to me: Diabetes, Peace treaties
, Breakfast...
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Pusha T - Sweet (Freestyle) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Get my chain, get my chain
ZH: 得到我的链,把我的链

EN: This GOOD music
ZH: 这个好的音乐

EN: You sweet to me: Diabetes, Peace treaties
ZH: 你对我好: 糖尿病、 和平条约

EN: Breakfast of champions, they need Wheaties
ZH: 早餐的冠军,他们需要燕麦粥

EN: Carrying the torch, the Olympic 4 rings
ZH: 举着火炬跑,奥林匹克 4 环

EN: I’m a javelin throw from the crowning of the king
ZH: 我是从国王的加冕的标枪投掷

EN: I hear ‘em whisper like a hummingbird sings
ZH: 我听见他们耳语像蜂鸟唱

EN: Of all the trust issues that a hundred birds bring
ZH: 百鸟带来的所有信任问题,

EN: Now the wolves out hunting for your bling
ZH: 现在外出狩猎为您 bling 狼

EN: As you preyin’ on the bitches with the lowest self-esteem
ZH: 作为你上母狗与最低的自尊 preyin'

EN: It’s a common running theme
ZH: 它是正在运行的一个共同主题

EN: Victim or vice Lord, disciple or black stone
ZH: 受害人或副主,弟子或黑色的石头

EN: What you looked at Christ for?
ZH: 什么你看基督的吗?

EN: We in the last days, fire or the ice storm
ZH: 我们在最后一天、 火或冰风暴

EN: Wear it in my chain as a symbol of a crime lord
ZH: 把它戴在我的链作为犯罪勋爵的象征

EN: Lets be honest, the cards on the table
ZH: 让我们诚实,桌子上的卡

EN: Jealousy’s a sin, Cain killed Abel
ZH: 嫉妒是一种罪恶,该隐杀了亚伯

EN: Backstabber, Ceasar had Brutus
ZH: 暗箭伤人,软饮了布鲁图斯

EN: It’s hard to weed ‘em out
ZH: 很难去他们剔除

EN: Even Jesus had Judas
ZH: 连耶稣了犹大

EN: Gone
ZH: 走了