Pusha T - My God lyrics (Chinese translation). | I can’t be bothered with paying homage to forefathers
, See the future like the car show floor...
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Pusha T - My God (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I can’t be bothered with paying homage to forefathers
ZH: 我不能被打扰与向先辈致敬

EN: See the future like the car show floor models
ZH: 看到未来,像车展地板模特

EN: Both feet in the snow so that my core follows
ZH: 两只脚在雪地里这样,我的核心遵循

EN: We done more for the dead n-gger, we pour bottles
ZH: 我们做的更多的死 n-爸妈,我们倒瓶

EN: Drown sorrows, ocean blue Murcielagos
ZH: 解闷,海洋蓝穆谢拉戈

EN: Started with similac powder in a baby bottle
ZH: 与 similac 粉在婴儿奶瓶中开始

EN: Yeah, the formula is warning ya
ZH: 的该公式警告震遐

EN: Crack kills, offerings to the coroner
ZH: 裂纹杀死,死因裁判官祭

EN: Kill my eldest brother, n-gger I’ll be damned
ZH: 杀了我的大哥,n 爸妈我就会被诅咒

EN: Gator at my mama house, welcome to zombie land
ZH: 在我妈妈的鳄鱼房子,欢迎到僵尸土地

EN: A hustler’s paradise, a lucky paradise
ZH: 皮条客的天堂,一个幸运的天堂

EN: Down 40 but the street gonna have you square by night
ZH: 下来但街头就要 40 你晚上平方

EN: Didn’t bat an eye at it kept a poker face
ZH: 在它保持一张扑克脸泰然自若

EN: Cause the better eye at it had a coco base
ZH: 事业更好地眼睛在它了可可的基地

EN: When you get to heaven’s door, they won’t hold a space
ZH: 当你到天堂之门时,他们不会举行一个空间

EN: If you know me after flesh on a smokers face
ZH: 如果你知道我后吸烟者脸上的肉

EN: There’s no feeling like your bitch chin-chilling right
ZH: 没有感觉就像你的婊子下巴冷右

EN: You in italian leather and you full willing right
ZH: 你在意大利皮革和你完全愿意权

EN: You know you up when you can count a quarter million right
ZH: 你知道你起来时,你可以数右 25 万

EN: And if you’re down you can slang it like a pillow fight
ZH: 如果你下来你可以俚语它像枕头大战

EN: I’m a wizard at it, n-gger here’s the magic
ZH: 我是在它的向导,n-爸妈在这里是魔法

EN: Make a small town feel like I throw a blizzard at it
ZH: 让感觉像扔它暴雪的一个小镇

EN: Get the green from the scale like the lizard had it
ZH: 从规模得到绿色,像蜥蜴了它

EN: Bear witness as I unveil this instant classic, yes
ZH: 如我是揭开这即时的经典的见证

EN: My God, my God, my God, yes
ZH: 我的上帝,上帝,我的上帝,是我的

EN: My God, my God, yes
ZH: 我的上帝,我的上帝,是

EN: Yeah, the second comings in the second verse
ZH: 是的在第二段中第二个厕

EN: The verse coming still here so I need a hearse
ZH: 还在这里来,所以我需要灵车的诗歌

EN: I got a voodoo doll, every time I pin the verse
ZH: 我有一个巫毒娃娃,每次我把这句经文

EN: Not only do they say they feel it but they say it hurts
ZH: 他们不只说他们感觉到它,但他们说疼

EN: No pain to gain, n-gger, they say i’m heating up, welcome to the flame n-gger
ZH: 若要获得,n 爸妈,他们说我加热,欢迎到火焰 n 爸妈没有痛苦

EN: No matter the success, still the same n-gger
ZH: 无论成功,仍然相同 n-爸妈

EN: I only change when the new body came n-gger
ZH: 我只能更改新的机构来 n 爸妈的时候

EN: Aero dynamic, roof panoramic, my credit score let the dealer take full advantage
ZH: 航空动态,屋顶全景,我的信用分数让经销商充分利用

EN: Paid over sticker price, cash under handed
ZH: 不干胶标签价格支付,根据现金交

EN: The old 12 a year early, I’ma time baby
ZH: 老 12 年早期,实话时间宝宝

EN: Gotta time manage, when you heaving snow
ZH: 得的时间管理,当你胀雪吗

EN: Able to drop it on a 30 and be free to go
ZH: 能够放到 30,无需去

EN: Only deal with divas, on a “need to know”
ZH: 只是处理天后,在"需要知道"

EN: Girl what you need to know is when you need to go
ZH: 女孩你需要知道什么是当你需要去

EN: There be no waiting, I have no patience
ZH: 有无需等待了没有耐心

EN: This is the end of all my unrecognized greatness
ZH: 这是伟大的我无法识别的结尾

EN: I’m here now n-gger pardon my lateness
ZH: 我在这里现在 n 爸妈原谅我的迟到

EN: You can hear in every bar and every cadence
ZH: 你能听到每个酒吧和每个节奏

EN: Yeah, it’s the new God flow aint it?
ZH: 是的它是新神流不是它吗?

EN: The last supper for you n-ggers now repainted
ZH: 最后的晚餐上为你 n ggers 现在重新绘制

EN: Take position on the chess board and re-arrange it
ZH: 把棋盘上的位置和重新安排它

EN: Face to face with the truth get re-acquainted
ZH: 面对真相重新认识

EN: My God, my God, my God, yes
ZH: 我的上帝,上帝,我的上帝,是我的

EN: My God, my God, yes
ZH: 我的上帝,我的上帝,是