Pusha T - Blow lyrics (Chinese translation). | Malice found religion, Tony found prison
, I’m just tryna find my way out this fucking kitchen
, a...
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Pusha T - Blow (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Malice found religion, Tony found prison
ZH: 恶意发现宗教,发现监狱托尼

EN: I’m just tryna find my way out this fucking kitchen
ZH: 我只是委屈找我这个该死的厨房的出路

EN: a Birdseye view got me channeling my vision
ZH: 鸟瞰视图让我窜我的视力

EN: turn one to two now my kilo’s got a sibling
ZH: 现在我公斤有同级转一到两个

EN: father knows best, watch my hands are forgiven
ZH: 父亲最清楚,看着我的手被赦免

EN: we kicking up dust like the Colosseum floors
ZH: 我们踢起灰尘像斗兽场地板

EN: walls full of safe’s like they mausoleum doors pussy
ZH: 墙上充分的安全像他们墓门的猫

EN: getting wet like she walking through my morgue
ZH: 弄湿喜欢她走过我停尸房

EN: Grant’s, Jackson’s no room for George
ZH: 格兰特的杰克逊的乔治没有余地

EN: yeh, the fear of God’s in you mother fuckers
ZH: 叶,敬畏神的在你混蛋

EN: this art imitate my life
ZH: 这种艺术模仿我的生活

EN: your World Star HipHop fame based off imitation white
ZH: 基于模仿白你世界明星嘻哈名人堂

EN: eliminate the fools ghouling imitation ice
ZH: 消除愚昧人 ghouling 仿冰

EN: my music for your soul, inspiration for your life
ZH: 我为你的灵魂,你的生活的灵感的的音乐

EN: every dime made in his life more disastrous
ZH: 他一生中作更大的灾难的每一分钱

EN: help my young niggas see my way through the bachelors
ZH: 帮我看看我的方式通过单身汉的年轻黑人

EN: while my old bitch went back to get her Masters
ZH: 虽然我老婊子还回去拿她的大师

EN: same graduation I was clapping in the rafters
ZH: 我也在鼓掌的椽相同毕业

EN: the truth hurts every time it’s revealed
ZH: 真相痛每次它显露

EN: what goes around comes around, this is lights fairest wheel
ZH: 周围发生了什么的时候,这是灯最公平轮

EN: grab hold and reverse the steering wheel as I parallel park
ZH: 紧紧抓住和扭转方向盘作为我并行公园

EN: Kentucky derby on the grill
ZH: 肯塔基德比在烤架上

EN: the fact that I’m free lets me know God is great
ZH: 我是免费的事实让我知道上帝是伟大

EN: ten year marathon of me selling concentrate
ZH: 我卖精矿的十年马拉松赛

EN: these rappers talk crowns but I’d rather talk fear
ZH: 这些说唱歌手谈冠,但我想谈的恐惧

EN: villain like candy man, say my name and I’ll appear
ZH: 恶棍像糖果的人,说我的名字,我就会出现

EN: no weapon formed against me shall prosper
ZH: 没有攻击我而造的武器都必将被

EN: a kuna matata, feet up sipping java
ZH: kuna 啦,喝着 java 英尺

EN: strolling up the totem pole, what’s my only problem
ZH: 图腾柱上漫步,我唯一的问题是什么

EN: scrolling through my Rolodex, who should be my toddler
ZH: 通过滚动我应该是我蹒跚学步的名片夹里

EN: so many hands raised as the band plays
ZH: 作为乐队戏剧提出这么多手

EN: I’m here now, watch how many plans change
ZH: 我现在在这里,看有多少的计划有变

EN: blow (repeat)
ZH: 吹 (重复)

EN: first class flights
ZH: 第一类航班

EN: so rock so nice
ZH: 所以岩石这么好

EN: waking up to model
ZH: 醒来到模型

EN: what a mother fucking life
ZH: 一个妈妈他妈的生活

EN: blow (repeat)
ZH: 吹 (重复)