Pusha T - Alone In Vegas (2011)

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Pusha T - Alone In Vegas lyrics

Uh, I let you into my diary to admire me
the make up of this man, I let you see the higher me
the self righteous drug dealer dichotomy
I'm drawing from both sides, I am Siamese
the tug of war opens the door, entrada
rip me apart and see what's inside of this pinata
and rolling kilos in gym strada that's one saga
one chapter of black magic, I'm Harold potter
feels like I'm doomed to dealing with women who
relationships with their fathers won't allow us to bloom
and blossom, I swear them Vegas nights was fucking awesome
but adios I blow my own dice before I toss 'em
lost some niggas some other niggas double crossed 'em
tryna snatch my niggas back I blew a small fortune
Wrestle with the work, we was like the four horsemen
Rick Flair with the flame, I'm muthf-cking Gorgeous, woah
as the gull wing doors lift, Karate Kid, crane kick, no Jaden Smith
whiter than that coke brush that they paint me with
sunk leather seats softer than an angels kiss
but they devil red, tires double tread
I post and parks up. that gets me double head
tight rope walking tryna keep a level head
the bright lights blind look at what the devil did

she left the door open gave a fuck if i'm famous
i write this alone in vegas
came off fly street money partied nights with the a-list
i write this alone in vegas
remember nights when my team blew it all on the tables
i write this alone in vegas

i'm the only one left and the memories fading so
i write this alone in vegas

they'll do everything in their power
stomp me the stove when you rising like flour
make your cake fall when you threatening their tower
its 911 you on your 25th hour
asta la vista i'm steppin out the bleachers
how the tide turns when the pupils now the teacher
the game can't go by just followin the leaders
you gotta be better than the ones who precede yah
upgrade em
upstage em
change the whole body shape and just update em
reagan era i ran contraband
money caused turf wars through the promised land
first time being rich could be a common man
the Guy Fischers had the blueprints and diagrams
we just took what we needed and we built on it
Lord forgive me for the blood that i spilt on it

Chorus Repeat

Fear of God niggas
Got me feelin like Pac
this the realest shit i EVER wrote
who you know sit in New York for 2 days around Grammy winners
come back home straight to the money getters
about 14,000 dollars worth in 20s
brown paper bag money
i call that a good weekend
ha haaaaaa
re-up gang forever
long live the king coming soon
malice my brother i love you
Liva-Don, till the end nigga