Purple Love - The Ice Man Melts For The Summer lyrics

Someone's got to pay for all of this
We say as our deck chairs shadow the sunset
A cachous glow, wrapping up our bodies like a vine
There are gods and monsters, we think to ourselves
At the same time, but how were we to know

I live in a town
Where the streetlights all talk
And they cut off your ear if they don't like your face
They fall through the sky, and sink down the sewer
Grey ghosts, pull you down with them

Try to blink, in this muddy air
Gutters are all filled with tales of a lonely death
You can't escape because the only way is down
Join them or die

Its a lonely landscape, at the bottom of the earth
You fear you'd fall, if you weren't hanging from the ceiling

I'll never find true faith until i find the one inside
Ill never know true love until i look into your eyes
But the dream I see is new to me
Have to find a place to be
Because without it i'm alone
No glow before the sky has even flown