Pure Reason Revolution - Trembling Willows lyrics

The souls of old at the foot of the sycamore
Are you still alone in the trembling willows?
Songs of love and inflamed lips peristyle
Sold Antaeus... darts!

There's holes above and under foot; pass the universe
Spill the stones on the dissembled killers
Wrongs from love and a tame kiss terror smile
Bold Antaeus... darts!

To the floor
Creeping whore
Radiant pores
Feigned delights
His words entrance
Madmen kiss the ground

Full of grace and fear but then your mind, it never turned me on
Honest eyes entrapped in waste; your mind, it never spurred me on

Tamed to the floor
By the weakened clones
Change in the light
Vague new schemes
A true disgrace arises

Lights were on the table leading upward to the scars
The sky unveiled the circles and radiant faces in the stars
Move away divinity; she kissed away the smiles
And the various incarnations of the Asiatic sky -- sail!

Please carry away this severed head
You can't find an illness for this?
Everlasting gaze
This dim penumbra on me

Search the world; I've lost my way
It flows through my prolific veins
Pour out the golden sands and soil
The floods of silver and life's dark ways
Confused; distort the vague breath sways
The wandering spheres, the coral caves
But none exist; I've found the eyes
A lover? Father, save their lost and the...

We filled the world they fled
Now console the ghosts that glimpse at tomorrow
We killed the world they fled
Now console the ghosts that glimpse at tomorrow
Breathe the rhymes for me...

Give them power; upheaval; sinking fists and their ancient designs
Build them towers; primeval; stinking mist and the shadow divine

Rats are running rife beneath the evil sky
Scent the stars alight
Beneath them ease their minds
Rats are running rife...

Warm high
Dogs hide
Warm shine
Mauled eyes