Puffy - Angel Wink lyrics

If you keep the promise
I will grant your wish
I will give you wings
You can fly away in the country of spring

Passing each other like music notes
Lost in his mind
Help me angel
Biting an apple
It makes me feel such hard feeling

I love you
I love you
Sometimes sulks
I don't know
I don't know
Sometimes pretend I'm not interested

Angel make a wink
Show me your courage
Show me your smile
Those are promises between you and me

Please do not laugh
I want to tell only you the reason of the white dress
It's a secret between my angel and me
The wings you gave me
Brings me to the love

I love you
I love you
My lips are embarrassed
I don't know
I don't know
I can't stop weeping, why?

Angel makes a wink
I can see
The smile that swings behind tears
It is very beautiful

Important promise
Wipe tears
Show me your smile
That is the promise between me and you