- Public Enemy Vs. Benny Benassi - Bring The Noise lyrics (Chinese translation). | Yeah, party
, Dance, how low can you go?
, Death row, what a brother knows
, Once again, back is...
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Public Enemy Vs. Benny Benassi - Bring The Noise (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Yeah, party
ZH: 是的一方

EN: Dance, how low can you go?
ZH: 你去跳舞,如何低可以吗?

EN: Death row, what a brother knows
ZH: 死囚,哥哥知道

EN: Once again, back is the incredible
ZH: 再说一遍,后面是令人难以置信

EN: The rhyme animal, the incredible D
ZH: 韵的动物,令人难以置信的 D

EN: Public Enemy number one
ZH: 公开的敌人第一号

EN: Five-O said, "Freeze", and I got numb
ZH: 五 O 说,"冻结",我得麻木

EN: Can I tell 'em that I really never had a gun?
ZH: 我可以告诉他们我真的永远不会有一把枪呢?

EN: But it's the wax that the Terminator X spun
ZH: 但它是终结器 X 纺的蜡

EN: Now they got me in a cell 'cause my records they sell
ZH: 现在,他们让我在单元格中因为他们卖我的记录

EN: 'Cause a brother like me said
ZH: 因为一个像我这样的哥哥说:

EN: Well, Farrakhan's a prophet and I think you ought to listen to
ZH: 嗯,· 法拉康恩的先知,我认为你应该听听

EN: What he can say to you, what you ought to do
ZH: 他可以说给你,你应该去做什么

EN: Follow for now, power of the people, say
ZH: 现在,权力的人,按照说

EN: Make a miracle, D pump the lyrical
ZH: 使一个奇迹,D 泵抒情

EN: Black is back, all in we're gonna win
ZH: 黑又回来,在我们全部都要赢

EN: Check it out, yeah y'all, here we go again
ZH: 检查出来,是你们的在这里我们再去

EN: Turn it up, bring the noise
ZH: 把它,带来噪音

EN: Never badder than bad 'cause the brother is madder than mad
ZH: 从来没有像现在这样糟糕比坏,因为哥哥是茜草比疯了

EN: At the fact thats corrupt as a senator
ZH: 这一事实,是作为一位参议员已损坏

EN: Soul on roll but you treat it like soap on a rope
ZH: 上卷,但你的灵魂对它像一根绳上的 soap 对待

EN: 'Cause the beats in the lines are so dope
ZH: 因为在行中的跳动是笨蛋

EN: Listen for lessons I'm saying inside
ZH: 听我说里面的教训

EN: Music that the critics are blasting me
ZH: 批评者爆破我的音乐

EN: For they'll never care for the brothers and sisters
ZH: 因为他们将永远不会照顾兄弟和姐妹

EN: Now across the country has us up for the war
ZH: 现在全国各地有我们为这场战争

EN: We got to demonstrate, come on now
ZH: 我们必须表明,现在开始

EN: They're gonna have to wait till we get it right
ZH: 他们打算要等到我们得到正确

EN: Radio stations I question their blackness
ZH: 我问他们一片漆黑的广播电台

EN: They call themselves black but we'll see if they'll play this
ZH: 他们自称黑,但我们将会看到,是否他们要玩这

EN: Turn it up, bring the noise
ZH: 把它,带来噪音