Psyche - Murder In Your Love lyrics

In the night you burn me up
With your killer's eyes
And you killer touch
Put your healing hands down upon me
My eyes are closed I'm on the floor
A scream for help feeds your desire
I taste the blood as you close the door
You know I need you when the lights so out
That's when I beg for more

There's murder in your love
With every kiss I'm dying
There's murder in your love
Don't ever say good-bye

My limbs apart
Marquis demanding
Black light glowing on the wall
The bruises here will never leave me
I lie exposed and wait for more
In my suspense a drop of blood
A velvet lash that never shows
The ecstasy binds me to you
When you hold me close

I wanted to touch you
I wanted to hold you
But I know that your love is killing me