Psyche - Belong To You lyrics

You treated me bad
You treated me mean
You kicked me down
Lower than I've ever been
But one thing I want you to say
One thing that I need from you
Just tell me I'm yours
And I'll do anything you want me to

Well I don't know
How to give up the fight
I would do anything
That you think is right
Just tell me I belong to you
I want to belong to you

Just say I belong to you

The sky's the limit
So shoot it on through
I'm down on my knees
To have or leave
Don't you know
Whatever you say I'll follow along

Just say me I belong to you
I want to belong to you

Treat me bad
Treat me mean
Kick me down lower
Than I've ever been
The sky's the limit
As wide as the sea
Well, I don't know
Why I let you do the things
That you do to me
Whatever you want I'm ready to do
I'm at your knees