Psalters - Dig It Up lyrics

Dust and mud comin through my pores, can't find God in the department stores.
So I hit the road with a shovel and a song, see if i can dig it up before I'm gone

Here comes Jesus come to free us, hear poor Wall Street crashin' at His feet

Dig it up, keep on movin', dig it up, dig it up, walk on

Can only take fence sitting for so long, circulation loss says my heart was wrong,
I once was lost but now I'm found, and everything meaningful is underground.

Big shiny advertisements all around my eyes
Can't wait to see my Lord tear a hole in the skies.
All their wealthy gods promised me freedom
But a middle-eastern hobo is the one who made it come.

Their tall glass towers giving a finger to God
Makes Him think it's time to pull out that punishing rod.
Destruction or deliverance, how's it gonna end?
Sometimes you gotta knock it down, so it can be born again