Provision - Neverending lyrics

Staring into one another’s eyes, we bleed into eternity.
We know this is real, no giving into the fear, the only three words on
our mind, are only spoken in silence. And now you’re feeling me
inside of you. You’re touch is sweeter than heaven. This total feeling
of ecstasy. There’s no denying what you’ve done to me.

Neverending. Love. Neverending. Promises.
Neverending. Trust. Always remembering. Our love is neverending.

All the perfect things I wanted in a lover, I have found in you.
Resistance to the fact I’m falling further than I’ve ever been before,
will only fade into oblivion. I’m overcome with sensuality. Hearing
your voice on the line, wanting your lips against mine.
A future with you in my life, holds countless possibilities.